Canyoning in Cazorla



Season April – October
Age From 7 years old (minimum 25 kg and 130 cm)
Duration 3 – 4 hours aprox.
Level Nivel_bajoBeginer
Number of participants from 2 to 24
What do you have to bring? Bath suit, towel and trainers.
What do we provide you? Neoprene suit and shocks, helmet, harness, descender, anchor bag and carabiners.


The availability shown in the calendar may not be real


Activity meeting point

Cerrada del utrero canyon. Fun canyon suitable for almost everybody

Canyoning in Cazorla began in Cerrada del Utrero. This descent has become the most popular of the natural park. Located just 20 km from Cazorla and 3 km from Arroyo Frio, in a place of spectacular beauty, is an activity suitable for almost all ages.

The access way to Cerrada del Utrero runs along a path that takes us in about 30 minutes to the start of the descent.

From here the fun begins. In the Cerrada del Utrero you will find jumps, pools of crystalline water, waterfalls, rappels, slides, caves and much more along the whole route.

All obstacles are also avoidable in case you don´t fell confidence with some of them.

Do not stop practicing canyoning in the Cerrada del Utrero. The most fun activity of these mountain range.