Gold multi adventure in Cazorla



Season March – November
Age From 8 years old
Duration 3:30 hours aprox.
Level Nivel_bajoBeginner
Nº of participants from 6 to 20
What do you have to bring? Trainers, comfortable clothes, sunscreen and water.
Wat do we provide you? Helmet, harness, carabiners, descender.

The availability shown on the calendar may not be real


Gold Multi-adventure in Cazorla. The most complete and varied of our multi-adventure packages.

In the surroundings of Nacelrío, near to Cazorla and to which you can reach by foot or by car, we carry out the activities of multi-adventure.

In this multi-adventure gold package we include 4 of the 5 multi-adventure activities we offer (Abseiling, zip line, climbing and archery or slack line). You have the possibility to choose the 4 that you prefer.

Before we begin, we will tell you how to put on and adjust the materials we provide you. When you are ready, we give you some explanations or tips on how to perform each of the different modalities.

We will do them first so that you can understand more easily what we have told you, because for you it can be something totally new.

Next, you will try each of the adventure sport, always accompanied by us, and you can repeat the one that you like the most.