We offer you the largest variety of canyons in Cazorla, Segura, Las Villas and Castril.


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anyoning is an outdoor adventure sport that consists of progressing through the high, enclosed and / or steep stretches of the mountain rivers. This progression is made by jumping, sliding, swimming, abseiling or even diving. Depending on the characteristics of the descent, we will use most appropriate techniques to each situation or obstacle.

The variety in the ways of moving along the river makes it a very fun activity. It is one of the adventure sports with more adepts and more boom is catching during the last years.

The canyoning began with the exploration of the canyons in Canyons of Guara Mountains, located in the pre-Pyrenean Huesca province in Spain. It was a group of French in the early 60’s. These mountains are one of the best places in the world to practice canyoning thanks to the quantity and variety of descents that we find.

These canyons, together with the nearby Pyrenees, have been our training place as sports coaches. It has also been our workplace for several years. In Huesca province we can find the most technical and demanding canyons of our country due to the great volume of water that some of them present throughout the year.

Due to the climatology of our area, the rivers of our mountains do not carry a flow that supposes problems for the descent. The benign climate of the south of the Peninsula allows us to practice canyoning in Cazorla between the months of March to November for the aquatics canyons. But some of the canyons that we propose to you, remain dry much tine of the year. This allows us to also make canyoning in Cazorla even during the months of December, January and February.