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hanks to the important cultural heritage of our area we can offer you historical routes through several nearby towns.

In Cazorla you can visit its magnificent natural environment which was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1983, the monuments that allowed it to be considered the Historical – Artistic Site since 1962. In Iruela, you can not miss its Templar Castle.

Quesada, the most important town of the region at the beginning of the last millennium, and the Tíscar Sanctuary, with an important defensive role during the Reconquest, are two other very interesting places. Quesada houses two important museums dedicated to Rafael Zabaleta and Miguel Hernández.

And, of course, Úbeda and Baeza are the culmination of these historical routes. Úbeda for its abundant and well-preserved Renaissance. And Baeza, also also for its Renaissance buildings, for another set of monuments of different architectural styles, which have been included in the Unesco World Heritage.

These are just some examples. Also noteworthy are the towns of Segura de la Sierra, with its well preserved castle and cradle of the poet Jorge Manrique. Sabiote, which also stands out for its renaissance monumental ensemble. The Toya chambers tomb in Peal de Becerro. The Bruñel Roman city in Quesada. The set of paintings cave also in the town of Quesada.

And a long etcetera that is better to discover in your visit to Cazorla.

Cultural activities to know our rich heritage.

Historical and cultural routes in Cazorla, Quesada, Úbeda and Baeza