Horse back riding

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Nice horseback riding of different length along the Guadalquivir River.



he valley of the Guadalquivir is a privileged place for horseback riding. Our stables are about a two hundred meters in a straight line of the river and the routes we offer run alongside this one.

Depending on the length of time chosen, the routes will cross different places in the area. The routes that most demand have are those of 1 or 2 hours of duration. These are done daily throughout the year. Routes of 4 or 5 hours are offered to groups of at least 5 people. They are routes for people with experience in horseback riding. These routes are developed by other places further away from where the riding ground is. Finally we also offer longer routes accompanied by typical homemade food of the area. This activity has a total duration of about 8 hours.

On the 1 or 2 hour routes we will cross the river and walk under a leafy forest of chaparros (Andalusian oak trees). This is why the place where the picadero is located is called El Chaparral. The longer routes run through different ancient muleteer paths. The routes can vary depending on the conditions of the trails through which they run. Only in case of heavy rains or stormy weather will it not be possible to carry out this pleasant activity.