Kayaking, Rafting and Canoeing

Kayaking, Rafting and Canoeing2019-02-09T13:51:22+01:00

The high course of the river Guadalquivir is an ideal place for practicing rowing sports.


  • Paseos-en-piragua
Price: From €12
  • Rafting-en-Cazorla
Price: From €30
  • Kayak-aguas-bravas-Cazorla
Price: From €35

ayak is a boat of Eskimo origin that has more than 4000 years of history. It is a kind of canoe but much more stable and adapted to the use that is going to be done to it. We will use two-seat kayak for canoe trips, and single-seater canoes for descending white water. In both cases they are very stable, self-emptying and easy to maneuver. With the simple instructions that you will receive by the guide before the beginning of the activity, you are sure to handle them without problems.

The kayak in white water is realized under the Tranco de Beas reservoir. It is a 9km and intermediate level tour. It is an activity that requires an acceptable physical condition. Have fun and release adrenaline sailing the high course of the Guadalquivir river.

For rafting we use swell boats called raft specially designed for this adventure sport. In them they can fit up to 8 people besides the guide or helmsman who helps us to drive the boat. They are easy to drive as well and we just need coordination among the participants. It is a rafting trip shared with the location of the kayak in white water so it is also 9 km long. Laughter and fun guaranteed with friends and family.

We do these two activities during summer months (from June to September).

The canoe trips in calm waters are made in the Tranco de Beas reservoir, in the Huerta Vieja. It is a very simple and relaxing activity ideal for families with small children. This activity is carried all year round, if conditions permit.