4WD Upper Guadalentín River course



Season all year around
Age all ages
Duration around 4 hours
Level Nivel_bajoInitiation
Number of participants from 4 to 40
What do you have to bring? Confortable clothes and shoes, water and some food.
What do we provide you? 4WD vehicle, walking stick, binoculars for wildlife observation and accompanying guide.


The availability shown in the calendar may not be real


The Guadalentín River is one of the most virgin valleys of the Andalusian geography where the bearded vulture lived and is being reintroduced.

Once in the valley of the Guadalquivir, we go along the road that leads to Vadillo Castril in the direction of the high parts of the mountains. After passing through the wonderful Navas del Espino and San Pedro we will have magnificent views of the Guadalentín river valley with Sierra Nevada in the background.

We will continue along the forest track through leafy forests of Salgareños pines and environments of spectacular beauty. After passing the old forest house of Fuente Acero, the haughty Sierra de la Cabrilla will be shown before us, where we will begin the descent through a restricted area to the Guadalentín river valley.

The impressive cliffs of the Poyos de la Carilarga accompany us throughout the descent to the river Guadalentín. In these cliffs lives the last bearded vulture until its extinction the same year of declaration of the natural park. Since then, great efforts are being made to reintroduce this specie that are bearing fruit as there are several couples living in the area.

We will cross this wonderful Guadalentín river valley until the end of the forest trail where we can take a walk through the Vado de las Carretas hair, about 2 km long (optional). From here we will begin to climb the main forest trail through a leafy oak forest very close to the Nava de San Pedro.

In total, the route has a length of 100 km, of which half are forest tracks (30 km for restricted areas).