4WD Valdeazores and Aguas Negras lagoons



Seasonall year around
Ageall ages
Durationaround 5 hours
Number of participantsfrom 4 to 40
What do you have to bring?Confortable clothes and shoes, water and some food.
What do we provide you?4WD vehicle, walking stick, binoculars for wildlife observation and accompanying guide.


The availability shown in the calendar may not be real


The Valdeazores and Aguas Negras lagoons are located in an extraordinary environment in the higher areas of the natural park.

From the Guadalquivir´s valley we will go to Valdeazores and Aguas Negras by the road that, in the direction of Vadillo Castril, takes us to the high parts of the mountain ranges. After passing through the wonderful Navas del Espino and San Pedro we will have magnificent views of the Guadalentín´s river valley with Sierra Nevada in the background.

We will continue to the lagoons of Valdeazores and Aguas Negras along the forest trail through lush Salgareños pine forests and environments of spectacular beauty. After passing the old forest house of Fuente Acero, we will see the haughty Sierra de la Cabrilla, where the highest altitudes of these mountains are.

All this route we do transit by zones with the highest degree of protection that the natural park has: Grade A. A few kilometers later we will arrive at Fuente Bermejo, where traffic is cut to vehicles. From here, we will descend a small valley until reaching the Valdeazores Lagoon. After delighting with the great natural environment, we will continue a couple km more to the Aguas Negras lagoon.

At this point, where we can no longer continue with a vehicle, we have about 45 minutes to visit the Borosa´s river sourse or to approach the top of the Salto de Los Órganos great waterfall.

In total, the route is 100 km long, of which half are by forest tracks (13 km by restricted areas).